Welcome to SEO Search Ranking blog

Welcome to SEO Search Ranking!

Winning on the Internet

Our blog page is about moving up in Internet Searches. We will write about various methods used to keep up with search browsers algorithms, and the techniques used in the Internet Marketing Industry to compete with other websites. Methods change yearly, but the basics remain the same over time. Doing some things will improve your website page ranking, while doing other things can even get you banned from Google. To reach your website's maximum potential, clients are best to leave the SEO to the professionals.

GeoTargeting Marketing

We will talk about GeoTargeting Marketing, and how you compete in your own local selling area or compete nationally. The methods are different depending on how large your area is that you want to sell your products or services. If you sell services, you may want to only sell in your metro area, while if you sell products, it may be that you would like to sell nationally. We can help with that, our experts can determine the best way to market your services on the web.

We will also take about website infrastructure including content optimization, keyword research and optimization, metatags, as well as content writing and blog writing. Most professionals are just too busy to want the mundane chore of content writing, and are not proficient in understanding the ratio of keywords accepted by search engines. Our professionals are experts at writing just the right amount of keywords to bring your website to the top of searches without crossing the line.

Landing Pages and Microsites

Our blogs will talk about Landing Pages and Microsites, and the differences between the two. Nothing can help your website increase in page ranking as will landing pages and microsites. Content is still king. Ask us about our programs which are quite affordable. Get off the paid advertising rat wheel and put your budget into landing pages and microsites. Pay-Per-Click advertising is short lived, the effects lasting only once, while the benefits from Organic SEO with landing pages and microsites are permanent. If you want to land on page one, adding optimized content is the only way to do it.

And finally, our blog will discuss Social Marketing in today's competitive market and how it effects your website. Do you already have accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest? If not, we can help you get set up. You don't have to spend the entire day on these social markets, but we can get you set up to automatically download to these pages when you add content.

Stay tuned to our website, sign up for our blog by RSS feeds, and keep abreast of the Search Engine Optimization field for better SEO page ranking.

Learn more about how our Organc SEO Plans can help your website go from the back of the pack to the front with increased search engine ranking. Become competitive for your keywords and geographical targeting to land on Page One.

Organic SEO Plans are a long-term, permanent solution that Pay-Per-Click Campaigns can't deliver and create permanent traffic and new customers.

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