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Want your keyword searches to put you on page one with Google and other search engines? So does all the competition, but you can beat them with a good SEO SEM plan. And we can help. You need your links to increase in popularity.

Hard Work Pays Off with Website SEO..

seo-rankingFirst, identify the web pages that you would like to be on page one. Determine what your target market really is, and what key phrases will get them to your website. No point attracting traffic from a market that is not likely to want your product or service. Target the right market.

Second, review each web page you want to use as landing pages and make sure they are properly optimized for the target market using the correct content—page copy, page title, links, etc. Eliminate  those that have little potential for reaching the top 10 positions.

Next, have other members of your team help evaluate what is important to your company and give you feedback on the SEO plan. You may come up with fresh ideas you weren't expecting just by getting new viewpoints.

Taking SEO Action

Here are some ways to help move your website up the ranks:

  1. Add internal links into your "About Us" page.
  2. On customer service pages, find opportunities to add links to other internal pages or other favorable sites you want to highlight.
  3. Create a special page for company awards or special achievements.
  4. Be conscious of keyword phrasing in quotes and/or links in write-ups about your company incorporating keywords and links to the favorable pages that you are trying to boost.
  5. Get incoming links from other websites, especially if the are able to incorporate a favorable blurb or article about your company with the link. This is a highly powerful link and will have a nice impact for boosting the article’s rankings.
  6. Include wiki links when possible. that have followable links.
  7. Include blogs links that talk about topics related to the pages you are trying to push to page one. Include a strong contribution about how your company has an interesting approach and a link to the page you want to boost.
  8. If it’s an interesting article, submit it to Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Netscape and Reddit.
  9. Ask bloggers in your field and have them to write about your company and link to the article. This may cost a small fee but it is worth it.
  10. If there are websites that talk about your company, ask to have articles about your company added as additional resources and see if they will add a link to your site within the article.
  11. Submit articles about your company to paid Press Release companies.
  12. Find partnership networks. See if they will add a link to you. You may have to reciprocate.
  13. Leverage affiliate relationships. If you have good relations with affiliates, consider partnering with them to get links to the favorable web pages from a page on the affiliate’s website.

Keep a record of any links you build to favorable sites. Websites urls can change for various reasons and you may need to update a link. To see how your own website stacks up, contact us today about a FREE SEO Analysis.

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